I am an affiliate entrepreneur, research expert and finance enthusiast. I am blessed with two children and a beautiful woman. The past few years were most thrilling to me.. I picked up a lot; learned new things, changed old habits, adopted new ones, and the thrill still continues on to date.

Hi, I’m Alla

I began my journey in my mid-twenties.

I was 24 at the time when I decided to make the bold move of leaving everything behind and start from scratch. After years of trail and error which at the time seemed impossible to overcome, I finally have been able to set myself up for the ultimate journey.

My professional background in hospitality, marketing, finance, and technology has set me forth to bring about a wealth of knowledge that can be leveraged to help others who are thinking to go against the tides.

As a son, father, and husband I learned that success is not a destiny, but “a progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” This is where it all started for me; everything was just one clearly defined idea.

I believe in consistent hard work, combined with determination and commitment towards a specific goal. I keep an open-mind to constantly improve myself and I don’t pass on any knowledge until I master it and experience it myself.

I strongly believe that each and everyone’s experience, even if it is in similar areas, is different; because we all have different perceptions of the events that takes place in our lives and the things that revolve around us. I became to be who I am today because I have a vision, and that vision is why I am here.

My Professional Life

As a Guest Service Agent for a reputable multinational hotel chain…

I developed crucial skills in dealing with people from different cultural background. Most importantly, I was being trained on the job for leadership and management skills.

Later, I moved to a completely different direction. I started my new career in Market Research; this time it was for a small local company.

The drastic change in the work place culture and environment had a great impact on me. however, I was able to adapt fairly quickly, and shift my focus towards developing myself.

It was not too long until the company began to downsize. I was let go with no contingency plan.

This is when I decided to go about my own business, and become independent.

The Mother Of All Achievements Is...


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The Early Years

It started for me with a great deal of desperation.

I joined many businesses and started jumping from one place to another; with no clear direction, and consumed by confusion, I was a complete mess! I was not specific about what it is that I really want. I was following others without knowing where they are going and why. I knew deep within I am not doing what I am meant to do. I was certain that I was not in the right place, and I believed that I can do better; but I didn’t take any serious steps to make a change.

I had to go through major self re-evaluation. Take ownership of my own mistakes, failures and my life. I had to find the courage to stand up and do what I never dared of doing.

Only then that everything became crystal clear. It was at that time when I realized that I am the product of my own actions, and that everything we do and achieve is guided by the mind.

This is when I learned the power of goal setting, so I began to define my goals and shift my focus towards achieving them.

That’s when my journey started…

The Break Through

After loosing my job in 2016, I set out to establish my own business.


Though I felt confident and have done my due diligence…

I was hit by reality when I realized that I lack many skills in different areas in business.

I was not ready, and considered walking away and going back to my comfort zone!

This realization has changed me forever, and later, it opened many door for me.


Well, it was all about the mind-set.

Normally, I would walk away from anything the moment I feel discomfort and challenged. I don’t give it a chance or a second thought.

I asked myself one time; how would I know the extend of my abilities and potentials if I keep walking away?

It was clear to me that there is no escaping the challenges, no way to get around it, the only way to get passed it is by accepting it and doing something about it.

So, I started reading books on marketing, self-development, and communication skills.

Only then I began to understand that everything is in my head, and it is all up to me to take control of my life.

With a mind-set prepared for hard work, commitment, and directed towards a specific goal, I was able to bring to reality what once was an idea.

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